2017 OFIS Reflections

Attached are the Reflections Documents. Entry forms can be found in the handbook filled out with OFIS specific information. We are encouraging students and parents to reference the rules for each arts category so that the entries meet the contest criteria.  Entry forms are going home this week. The theme is “Within Reach” and the deadline is November 21st at noon.

We encourage all children to participate in this wonderful program.

Please contact Meg Difilippo (megdifilippo@gmail.com) or myself (kramerkerry1@gmail.com) with any questions or concerns.


Reflections Letter 2017





2016-2017 PTA Reflections information


2016-2017 Reflections information and forms “What is Your Story?”.  All entries are due Tuesday, November 29th, 2016.  Good Luck!






It is already here! The March Meeting of OFIS PTA is a combined meeting with OFMS PTA. The meeting is this Tuesday, March 8 at 7:00 pm in the OFMS Media Center. There is SO MUCH going on right now in both PTAs, so DO NOT MISS THIS MEETING!

We will hear from the Principals from both buildings, and Officer Bob Swope will present some information about the upcoming National DARE Day in Olmsted Falls. Our OFIS Nominating Committee will report on the proposed slate of OFIS PTA Officers for 2016-2017. We will talk about Spring events too…like Field Day, Fifth Grade Luau, Staff Appreciation week, etc.

There will be opportunities for parents of incoming Middle School students to ask questions and learn more about the Middle School. There are many volunteer opportunities available in both OFIS and OFMS…we need our members to help us keep our PTAs and our schools strong and thriving!

I have attached the agenda for the meeting which is FOUR pages (don’t be alarmed- it contains the information for BOTH PTAs.) There are other documents attached as well. Please print what you need to help us save on copying and printing costs.

Remember- the meeting is at the MIDDLE SCHOOL! Bring a friend!

Julianne Allen, President, OFIS PTA

OFMS PTA & OFIS March meeting 2016 BudgetReport2015-2016 (as of mar 9) PrincipalsBulletinMarch2016 benefits-voting-voting-health-factsheet-en volunteeroftheyearform2015-2016

OFIS PTA this Friday!

We have a jam-packed meeting this Friday in the OFIS Media Center (1/22) with breakfast to boot! The meeting will start PROMPTLY at 8:00 a.m. However, we will start serving breakfast at 7:30 am. Mr. Svec has invited and encouraged staff to come for breakfast at that time and to stay for a little bit if they are able to do so. We will then begin our meeting at 8:00 and get through business quickly because we have lots of information to share.

7:30- Breakfast is served

8:00- PTA Official Business: Please read through agenda, reports and attachments prior to the meeting as we will be moving quickly in order to fit everything in.

8:15- (Approx) Kelli Cogan, Asst. Superintendent: State assessment results from last year, changes this year (timing, etc.), and parent resources
The rest of the morning’s schedule and timing are subject to change depending on questions, student availability, etc. but will include:

Updates from Principal Mr. Svec and Teacher Representative Mrs. Harb

Google presentations from students in Mrs. Harb, Mrs. Eckert, and Mrs. Connelly’s classes

Helping Hands video from Mrs. Zahorchak

Tech Integration Program presentation from Mrs. Krock

We are very fortunate that our staff and students will be involved in our meeting this month. Please plan to attend and bring a friend. We’ll have coffee too!

Attached are all of the documents you will need for the “business” portion of the meeting including the agenda. Please print what you need to help us save on copying and printing costs.

As always, thank you for making our PTA the best in Olmsted Falls.

Julianne Allen, President, OFIS PTA

OFISPTAAgenda1-22-16 BudgetReport2015-2016 (as of jan 22) Council Delegate Report 1-8-16 HelpingHands-OutstandingDistrictEducator 2016 MACK Award Rules 2016 ConnectingforKidsJanuary2016 Breaking Bad Habits OFISPTAminutes11-17-15

This Year’s PTA Reflections Program Deadline is Dec. 3

PTA’s Reflections Program provides opportunities for students to express themselves and to receive positive recognition for their artistic efforts. This year’s Reflections entries are due by Monday, Dec. 3.  The theme this year is:  “The Magic of a Moment.” Here is a recap of the Reflections rules to make sure your child’s project isn’t shut out for not following the guidelines. Your child may enter something in each and every category if he or she desires.

Please note: The paperwork is different this year, so make sure you read it carefully, fill in all the information, and include a parent’s signature. Here is the  Reflections entry form for OFIS students.

Any questions about this year’s Reflections Program can be directed to Rachel O’Malley at r_sports@hotmail.com.

Reflections deadline extended to Dec. 20

The deadline for Reflections entries has been extended until Tuesday, December 20.  I know everyone is busy, but this is a great program to let your kids express themselves!

This year’s theme is “Diversity is…”  More information about Reflections and ways to enter (drawing, creative writing, dance, etc.) is contained in the attachment below.

Entries can be dropped off in the OFIS office through the end of the school day on Tuesday, December 20.  Please direct any questions to Rachel O’Malley at r_sports@hotmail.com or 440-610-5166.